Carlsbad Desalination Plant – a Tour in Photos

Poseidon Water took 15 IEA members on a tour of the newly running Carlsbad Desalination Plant on February 11. Here is a tour of the facility in photos.




Jessica Jones (Poseidon) showing the group the intake from the NRG Power Plant and Agua Hedionda Lagoon


Pump station

                                                                      IMG_20160211_092727183    IMG_20160211_092555978

This 72-inch seawater feed pipe transports the seawater to the first stage of purification

IMG_20160211_093956205 IMG_20160211_092851703

The seawater first passes through a filter of sand, anthracite, and gravel. Once all the larger impurities are removed, it is passed through the secondary pretreatment, called microfiltration, to be clean enough to enter the reverse osmosis filters.

IMG_20160211_092913216 IMG_20160211_093700660

Jessica is holding an example of a reverse osmosis filter on the left. On the right are the filters in use.


The tour group in the RO room


The water is now so pure that minerals need to be added back into it – back into pipes it goes…


…where minerals and chlorine (for disinfection) are added


The water is almost ready for drinking! Now it begins its journey from the desalination plant out to the SDCWA’s Twin Oaks Valley Water Treatment Plant, where it is blended with water from other sources.


The group standing on the roof of the reactor tank


The Pacific on Tap!

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